Friday, August 5, 2016

Film fests, house parties, and other next steps...

Dear Friends, 

Some of you have asked if the film is done. When we began this project sixteen years ago we had so much to learn, including that there are many stages of completing a film. We are pleased to announce that the film is now "festival ready," and we are applying to film festivals, local, national and international. We will notify you when we know where we have been accepted.

Applying to film festivals will bring the film to a much larger audience. We are very excited that we have reached this stage in getting the story of the takeover of 888 Memorial Drive more widely known.

More Funds Needed

What we have also learned is that filmmaking takes dough. Even though most of us are working for free, we still need to raise funds for technical work on sound and color correction to bring the film to broadcast standard. This is necessary not only for future broadcast opportunities, but also to increase the film's chances of admission to top tier festivals.

Our biggest expense will be the licensing fees for the two Janis Joplin songs in the film. We are currently negotiating these fees for festivals only. After the film has completed the festival circuit, and once we have a distributor, we will need to negotiate licensing fees for all other distribution, including educational video, home video, broadcast, video on demand (VOD) and various web and streaming platforms. The rights owners will not provide quotes on licensing for any additional distribution until after our festival run.

We estimate the cost for festival fees, final technical work, and all music rights will come to at least $50,000. Please keep us in mind when you think about making donations.

Click here to donate online or by mail.

Host a House Party!

One way we can raise money is through house parties. If you would like to gather a group to screen the film and contribute, let us know. Email

Snapshots from our March 8 Special Screenings

On International Women's Day, March 8, 2016, we had two special sneak-preview screenings at the Kendall Square Cinema. We were thrilled at the turnout and buoyed by your enthusiasm and energy as we came together to celebrate the completion of Left on Pearl. Here are some pictures from that night.

Carol Hill, Saundra Graham, and Caroline Hunter, Cambridge activists featured in the film
Andrea Devine and Lily Bouvier in Left on Pearl T-Shirts
Susan Jacoby, Cheryl Stein, Libby Bouvier, Rochelle Ruthchild, filmmaker Susie Rivo, and
editor Iftach Shavit answer questions after the first screening of the night
Sara Driscoll, community activist featured in the film

All photos are by Ellen Shub. Click here to see a full album of photos from the event.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and we will keep you posted on the exciting next steps in the "Left on Pearl" saga.

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In sisterhood and solidarity,

Libby, Susan, Cheryl, Rochelle and Susie

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